GMO Policy



At Mars, we not only ensure the safety of all raw materials in our products, we are also committed to being transparent with our consumers so they can understand what is in the products they love. We have two goals: to make products that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety, and to satisfy our consumers’ needs.

We firmly believe genetically modified/engineered ingredients are safe. Food developed through biotechnology has been studied extensively and judged safe by a broad range of regulatory agencies, scientists, health professionals, and other experts around the world. All the ingredients we use in our products comply with our own strict internal quality and safety requirements, in addition to all applicable laws and regulations. 

Because we depend on you, our consumers, for our success, we want to understand their needs. People across the world have all sorts of tastes, preferences, and perceptions — as a result, our global business units make decisions about the ingredients used in the products they sell based on the expectations of consumers in their region and availability. 


At Mars, we are committed to being transparent with our consumers so you can understand what’s in the products you love. One way we’re doing this is by disclosing the presence of genetically engineered ingredients where we use them. On our human food products sold in United States, we have started labeling with the terms “produced” or “partially produced” with genetic engineering on products that contain them. We use this language because there is currently no U.S. national standard for this type of labeling. Therefore, we are relying on terminology that was included in the Vermont GE food labeling law, enacted in May 2014. 

Learn more from the FDA about genetically engineered ingredients

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